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Typical Amherst Freshie

The life and times of a UMass Amherst freshman.

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Aug 6 '12

It’s So Close.

August 23rd can’t come any faster. So pumped for band camp.

Sorry to all you people that have to schedule move-in times and whatnot.

I’ll be sweating my ass off and loving it.


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Jul 31 '12

Less than a month before we all move in! Who’s getting excited!


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Jul 24 '12

Reblog with ONE THING you’re looking forward to for college!

I’ll start.

Meeting all you fantastic people!


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Jul 23 '12

So. Room assignments came out.

Facebook went crazy for an hour after midnight.

Some people like their rooms/roommates.

Other’s hate their room and want to switch.

Let the bonding begin.


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Jul 12 '12

I started dorm shopping today.

College finally hit me.


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Jun 28 '12


I’m gonna be a freshman in college……

Holy shit.


Jun 24 '12

So what are you people majoring in?

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Jun 23 '12

Nothing to do with Amherst, but….

I went to 2 grad parties today.

The first one involved swimming.

So I swam.

And then I left.

The second one was just a bunch of people.

No pool.

And then it rained.

My point is, Grad parties are ridiculous. There’s so many and so little cash. I’m just rambling, and I’m sorry for that. I’m having one of my own, but just to save up for college. 

My other point is, I feel like every graduated senior goes to at least one grad party over the summer before college starts. I think of it as a way to see all your friends one last time.

That’s just my opinion.


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Jun 22 '12


If you are a FRESHMAN going to UMASS AMHERST this FALL….



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